An Eyelash Wish
An Eyelash Wish

one time i was falling asleep and i peeked my eyes open a tiny bit and saw u looking at me very softly and i smiled 

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hey on the bright side i get to plant seeds this weekend and go to the woods tomorrow weeEEe

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Just tried to plug my headphones into my canvas is finals week over yet

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how 2 study art history when there is angel olsen to be listened to

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he calls me a “maneater.” i study a crack in the wall until it blinks. he wants me to be sorry for not loving him and i want to be sorry for not loving him because good people are supposed to love other good people and he is a good man and this is the only way to prove my own goodness, even if loving him just means unpacking all my suitcases and making my eyes look like i’m listening. but i’ve spent months tamping down the sky trapped inside my body, months sitting with my hands in my lap. and for that i say, i cannot allow myself to believe that love is nothing but a reward for good behavior. for that i say, i don’t want to eat you, little boy. you are not my brand of firewood.

Safia Elhillo (aka susie knuckles aka ethnic bethanie aka nosering nancy aka delilah aka phyllis aka jawn coltrane aka frida cashflow aka susan switchblade aka elusive lucy aka gilderoy glockhart aka dobby digital aka carmen sand diego aka anita maneater aka apricot jones aka cruella el hill. )

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plum nights like these, juice
running down your chin,
sticky in your hair, spike
of the seedy heart,
sky like amber, tart
on your tongue, i wish
i could call you and tell you
everything i can taste
(the chocolate of your name)
and listen for your slow smile.

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