An Eyelash Wish
An Eyelash Wish
a birthday kiss
Anne Michaels, "The Weight of Oranges"


My cup’s the same sand colour as bread.
Rain’s the same colour of a building across the street,
its torn red dahlias
and ruined a book propped on the sill.

Rain articulates the skins of everything,
pink of bricks from the fire they baked in,
lizard green leaves,
the wrinkled tongues of…

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El Dorado (Goodbye, Utah)


Mi amor, I’m surrounded by mountains.
I’m inside their ring, one never to know

a ring finger. I miss the pueblo of our
nakedness. A magnet pulls at me tonight,

the opposite of the Pacific Sea’s name.
I tire of burying sunsets in this nuevo west,

of turquoise shops selling the wrong sky,


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Anonymous asked: i read a thing about how the body couldn't assimilate trauma and so i imagine it hanging outside the body; a spectral agency that pushes us into motions//gestures. we teach those gestures to our children and that's how they learn to summon the ghost as well. this is how i've come to imagine transgenerational haunting


i’m gonna cry

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If I am to be witch, then so be it, I said. And I took to eating black things — huitlacoche, the corn mushroom, coffee, dark chiles, the bruised part of fruit, the darkest, blackest things to make me hard and strong. Sandra Cisneros, from “Eyes of Zapata,” Woman Hollering Creek (via lifeinpoetry)
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